Theatre group returning to Carman

The cast of On Cue's production of Lover’s Leap takes a bow on stage in 1991. The new theatre group will choose a name at their February 19 meeting. (supplied photo)

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If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in the world of live theatre now is your chance as a spirited group of excited community members are hard at work to bring a new theatre group to the community of Carman, and the group is already shooting for a November performance.

“25 years ago we had a group called ‘On Cue’ and it was very popular,” said a spokesperson with the new group. “I don’t know how long it went on for but someone said let’s just try and get some people together and see what they think. After a couple of phone calls, we figured 11 people were very interested in getting this going so we’re holding a second meeting coming up.”

The meeting is set for 7 p.m. Tuesday, February 19, and anyone interested in getting on stage, helping out behind the scenes, or in the production in any way can stop in.

“We still need a script to determine how many actors and actresses we’ll need plus stagehands, lighting and sound, costumes, if there is music involved there will be that aspect. A lot of people will be needed to get this going,” said the spokesperson. “Two people have stepped up to find us a play that we can get working on and we have different people doing different jobs that they’re qualified for, or at least they’re interested in.”

Talk of getting the theatre group together began over the fall when people began chatting about it at another event being held in Carman. The group’s first meeting consisted of six people and that’s when they decided on November as the month for the play. The group still hasn’t decided on a date as they don’t want to overlap with any other events already planned.

“The old group would practice in someone’s shed in town because there was nowhere else to go,” they added. “The shed was heated and it worked. People would build sets in sheds too. ‘On Cue’ used to do a 3-day dinner theatre, sold out every night, and it was also done in November and people would use it as Christmas parties for their staff.”

‘On Cue’ would run for three nights and this group will not be planning something like that as of yet. If any money is made from the event the group plans to donate what they can to the money fundraisers happening in the community, as well as toward another show’s operating costs. A venue hasn’t been worked out but it’s likely the beautiful stage at Carman Collegiate could be an asset to the group.

Tuesday’s meeting will be held at the Golden Prairie Arts Council. It takes a lot of work to get a play off the ground and all help is welcome.