Sudbury councillor seeks plan for Kalmo Beach

Rene Lapierre will introduce a motion next week to develop a 10-year plan for Kalmo Beach, which is on Whitson Lake in Val Caron. supplied photo

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Ward 6 Coun. Rene Lapierre thinks Kalmo Beach is due for a little makeover.

Lapierre will introduce a motion at next week’s community services meeting to develop a 10-year plan for the area, which is on Whitson Lake.

“Be it resolved that the City of Greater Sudbury directs staff to develop a 10-year plan for Kalmo Beach, which would incorporate stakeholder and citizen engagement, and report back to the community services committee by the end of the third quarter of 2019,” he said in his motion.

While not quite Bell Park 2.0, Kalmo Beach is a popular summertime destination for those living in the Capreol and the Valley who are looking to cool off.

“Currently there’s no plan at all,” Lapierre said Friday. “It’s a very popular place for Valley residents and Capreol residents to spend the day at the beach, instead of driving all the way into town to Bell Park. Just like all our other infrastructure, it needs attention before it gets so bad we fall behind.”

As he notes in his motion, “there are established plans for major waterfront areas, such as Bell Park, Moonlight Beach and the Capreol waterfront.”

He said residents in his ward are interested in improving the Kalmo Beach area.

The city does not own enough land in the area to replicate the splendor of Bell Park – much of the area is owned by Vale – but while campaigning during the last election, Lapierre said he heard from residents who would like to see something done to spruce up the area.

“We’ve had some private developers who’ve wanted to give us some donations and they’ve put a couple of beautiful native carvings there, and some animal stuff and some benches,” Lapierre said. “If we have people who are willing to provide us with some assistance, well then let’s provide a guiding document so we know how to make it nice.”

Lapierre said the Valley East Community Action Network actually identified Kalmo Beach as one of their priorities during a visioning session.

“It got a lot of attention during public consultation on their visionary session,” he said.

So far, Lapierre said he has heard many ideas from residents on how to polish the area. One of his favourites includes kayak rentals – if the logistics work out. The changing facilities are also “very old” Lapierre said, and could use a facelift. There has also been discussion about establishing a canteen at the beach.

“I really hope I get support for it,” Lapierre said of his peers. “I really want the community to give us their ideas. Maybe we can do a nice flowerbed there, like a smaller version of Bell Park, if that’s what the residents want. I want this to be something good for all the residents of the Valley, since this is their park – that’s where they go to swim.”

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