Brant bans open-air burns

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Brant County has issued an open-air burning ban to make sure firefighters are available to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ban went into place on Friday and will remain in effect until further notice, Brant County Fire Chief Geoff Hayman said.

“Our firefighters act as back up support to our paramedics when 911 calls are received,” Hayman said. “If the paramedics are delayed, our firefighters may be first on scene to deliver life-saving measures.

“It’s important that, as the paramedics become busier responding to health emergencies in our community, that we’re available to help.”

The open-air burning ban will reduce the number of fire-related calls, Hayman said.

The ban will be reviewed by April 10.

Previously issued open-air burn permits have been suspended until further notice.

The ban also is aimed at limiting the amount of contact firefighters have with the public, reducing their risk of infection.

The open-air burning ban includes brush pile burns, campfires, burn barrels, open fireplace/chimneys and other fires set in open-air.

For information regarding agricultural open-air burns, contact the fire department at 519-442-4500.