Swine fever continues spread in Europe 

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African Swine Fever continues to spread in Europe.

Germany has reported the virus hit a 4,000-head market hog farm in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and the herd has been culled.

It is the first to be registered outside of the Brandenburg province, where previous cases were linked to wild boar and domestic pigs in 2020 and 2021.

German officials have launched an epidemiological investigation to determine ASF entry into the region and source of the outbreak.

According to the European Commission, as of mid-November 2021 there have been 1,727 ASF outbreaks affecting domestic The European Commission also reported nearly 10,500 ASF outbreaks have been linked to wild boar across 12 EU states.

In October and November, EU countries reporting new or recurring ASF cases include Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Ukraine.

According to the most recent reports to the World Organisation for Animal Health, Romania registered 25 new or recurring ASF outbreaks in domestic pigs, including one commercial farm housing 62,000 pigs.

Ukraine registered one virus-positive non-farm domestic pig and one ASF-infected wild boar in a region previously cleared.